How It Works

  1. Raise a request:

Raise a request or call us at 9902513556.We will get in touch with you.

  1. Meet us:

 We visit you to take all the requirements and submit exhaustive specifications.

  1. Book with us:

 Good to go. You pay 5% of the estimated project cost as booking amount.

  1. Land survey:

 A topographical survey is done to confirm the onsite plot dimensions.

  1. Receive floor plan:

 Floor plan are designed taking into consideration the clients requirements and enhanced by the architects aesthetics sense.

  1. Government Approvals:

 Once the floor plans are finalized, a sanction drawing is prepared based on BDA / BBMP / BMRDA / Panchayat or relevant governing authority guidelines. Approval process is initiated with the authorities after all the documentation is collected and validated.

  1. 3D/Working Drawings/Detail Drawings:

 3D external views are conceptualized and finalized. Structural drawings are done based on the soil report. A final set of drawings with working plans, elevations, sections, doors /window details, grill details, electrical and plumbing drawings are drafted and handed over to the client.

  1. Execution agreement:

 A final quote is prepared based on the final set drawings and built up area. An “Execution Agreement” is signed with the Client.

  1. Track and transact:

 To ensure absolute trust, sanath builders provide an escrow model where you transfer the amount for stage of the project. Get step by step update on daily basis via whatsapp

  1. Settle in:

 We make sure you are settled in your new home. Our journey together doesn’t end here.We provide 5 years of warranty.

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